Tuesday, February 10, 2015

College Student: Fool People That You Are Put Together

Besides the struggle of getting out of bed hungover and making it to your 9am lecture (on a Wednesday), us college girls struggle to NOT wear gym clothes to class everyday even though we are clearly not going to the gym. Below is a cheat guide to fooling people into thinking that you have your life together while still remaining comfortable and relatively effortless.

1. A pair of 'sneakers that aren't sneakers'

Depending on the size of your campus, walking a mile to class or to run errands is not so great in a pair of not-quite-broken-in boots or flimsy flip flops. Shoes that aren't your Nike frees but still provide actual coverage and comfort are a great solution. I live in my converse and thus can get away with wearing sneakers with jeans (!). Converse, superga's, keds, and slip on sneaks are great shoes that look like you put thought into your outfit but really just don't have a fresh pedicure. Style them with cut offs, jeans, a simple dress, or a hoodie and yoga pants.

2. A sturdy tote bag that effectively transports all of your junk 

Even the cutest backpacks are really not all that cute. Especially if taxi-ing back and forth between a job, internship, appointments, and class, a tote bag offers a more professional look than a NorthFace backpack with your sorority button on it. The key to finding a bag that is good looking but can still bear the weight of your laptop, notebooks, and statistics book is to first look for function before style. This sounds counter-intuitive, but I have ordered too many bags that turned out to be absolutely useless for carrying any more weight that that of a lip balm. Look for a bag in a color that will not show every single stain or scuff and a material that can handle being thrown on the ground or the trunk of your car. Longchamps are extremely popular among the 18-25 range, but may need to be replaced every year or so if they are regularly bearing a decent amount of weight. For this reason, I suggest a faux leather or saffiano leather that is sturdier than canvas or nylon but will not break the bank since it isn't real.

3. A Watch 

Watches are multi-functional: they keep you from checking your cell phone every three minutes, are a great fashion accessory, and make you look classy and sophisticated. I have gotten into the habit of wearing a watch everyday and now feel lost when I forget to put it back on after the shower. Also, the amount of compliments that you get for a nice looking watch should not be underestimated. Choose a metal tone that matches your everyday jewelry, whether gold, silver, rose gold, or a multitone. Don't think that buying a watch will break the bank either- there are many totally affordable options out there and a range of prices. 

4. A planner or notebook that holds all the details of your life

Self-explanatory. Do not add unneeded stress to your life by being surprised that you have two exams and a paper due before this Thursday. Invest in a planner, pocket calendar, lined notebook... whatever works for you and write down all important dates in it the DAY that you get a class syllabus. No surprises AND you look really adult whipping out your planner. 

5. A reusable water bottle 

You hear it repeatedly but these people really know what they are talking about - hydrate!!! Don't use the plastic water bottles for two reasons. 1. they are terrible for the environment 2. they actually become quite expensive when you are buying a case every week. Invest in a reusable water bottle that will encourage you to keep drinking. Set your water bottle on the desk when you begin class so you have something to do besides pick at your nails. Remember to wash the bottle with hot water and soap at least once a week to make sure the bottle does not become bacteria breeding grounds.

6. A versatile pullover 

College classrooms are infamous for never holding a consistent temperature. Whether a sauna or a freezer, layers are always important to throw in your bag on the way to class. For this reason, a versatile pullover that goes with everything - think neutrals, gray/black, or cream - is a must have. Whether a cardigan, sweater, zip up sweatshirt, light jacket, it does not matter. What matters is that the piece matches your daily style so that it will go with most of your outfits. My personal favorite right now is a green military jacket from Topshop that goes with just about everything in my closet. 


7. A pair of boyfriend jeans 

Don't be fooled; just because boyfriend jeans aren't popping up in magazines anymore does not mean  they aren't in style anymore. Boyfriend jeans are THE essential piece for the "I just threw this on but still look like Miranda Kerr running errands" outfit. Boyfriend jeans work best when paired with simple pieces: a white tee, sandals or sneakers, a beloved sweater, and dainty jewelry. In order to feminize this look, pile on simple gold jewelry and a watch. The best part about boyfriend jeans- you are still wearing actual pants (we're looking at you yoga pants) but aren't compromising comfort.

Clothing details: 
Bag: urban outfitters, nordstrom 
Shoes: superga sneakers 
Watch: Kate Spade 
Planner: Moleskin notebooks, Kate Spade 
Waterbottle: Camelbak, Amazon 
Pullovers: jacket, topshop. White sweater, polyvore. gray pullover, ll bean.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summertime Essentials: Three Must-Have Accessories

Waited for the entire year, the Summer season brings sunshine, excuses for cocktails, and cute outfits. But with temperatures that aren't always bearable and conditions that are less than ideal, it is important for a Summer outfit to STAY cute even amidst sweat, ocean breezes, humidity, and the great outdoors. Below I have comprised a list of 3 essential items that will keep you cute and composed in any Summer setting...

1. A pair of sandals that you're confident you could run a 5k in.   
Jack Rogers are my #1 recommendation for a comfortable, versatile sandal.
    Whether flats, wedges, strappy, or simple, a trusty pair of sandals will take you far in the Summer months. Easy to throw on or throw in a tote bag, the best part about sandals is that you can wear them to the beach and then dress them up for a more formal occasion later that night. The key to a versatile pair of sandals is color: anything too bright or patterned makes it obvious that you are wearing these shoes, well, all the time. Bright colors also severely limit outfit options. Dark, neutral, or even a muted metallic shade is your best bet for shoes that will go with anything, and won't be too noticeable that you are repeating footwear. Material and quality are also key components to the perfect summer sandal. Style aside, comfort and durability are mandatory...it's okay to justify splurging on a nice pair of sandals if you wear them virtually everyday.  A simple, classic sandal of good quality ( I recommend leather) and a versatile color will keep you comfortable and cute all season.
*photo courtesy of shopbody.com

2. A hat that says "I'm not having a bad hair day I just threw this on to be adorable."     
      When humidity, wind, and sweat come into the equation, a trusty hat will quickly become a staple during the hot months. A floppy sun hat, straw hat, or even a baseball hat can be  great options for skipping a wash or taming wind-blown hair. Again, simple is better for hat options and its important to keep in mind your own personal style. If you're a jean cutoffs type of style, opt for the baseball hat. I personally love a girl that can rock a baseball hat. Whatever you choose, pair the hat with minimal accessories so as not to overwhelm your "I just threw this on" look. 
*photos courtesy of Etsy and J. Crew

3. A pair of sunglasses that actually look good on your face.
     'Actually' is the operative word in this sentence because unfortunately many people believe that sunglasses are sunglasses and shape and style aren't exceedingly important. Ha! One should not buy a dress that does not compliment your body type so why wouldn't you pay attention that your shades compliment your facial structure?! The first step to sunglasses shopping is to define your face shape. Common shapes are round, oval, heart shaped, V, and square. If your shape isn't apparent to you, a simple way to decide is to look in the mirror and trace with your finger the outline of your face. For round shapes, something more angular and straight-lined will help define your eyes. For heart shapes, something with a slight curve (but not downright round) will compliment your bone structure. Aviators work very well for heart-shaped faces. If you have a defined jawline in a V or a more rectangular shape, something soft and round will balance and compliment. I love a subtle cat-eye because it is a great unexpected take on a 'round' lense. Last but not least, please take note of the size of your face in proportion to the size of your glasses. It may sound silly, but a miniature OR bug-eyed size quickly ruins a whole look.
 *photos courtesy of Ray Ban and Polyvore

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